Hi everyone,
On the first weekend of July there’s the “Just V” show in Kensington Olympia, It is in my opinion a great veg fair (last year it was called “V delicious”).
Shall we go as a group? Do you prefer Saturday or Sunday?
this is their website with all the infos:


6 Responses to Just V show first weekend of July

  1. Angela says:

    For us it’s the same either days.

  2. Glenys says:

    Hi everyone

    I can make Saturday but can’t do Sunday.

  3. Angela says:

    We have decided to go on Sunday, as there is the “imagine Watford” festival and we don’t want to miss the shows.
    Unless of course the weather is really really bad…
    Angela, Francesco and Maia

  4. Glenys says:


    I went to Attico on Saturday which was really good. They have a totally new menu which is Carribean inspired. I think it would good to meet there in August unless of course it’s hot and sunny, in which case I’d opt for Cassiobury Park. What do others think?

  5. Claire says:

    I won’t be about for the next meeting. I must admit I was put off the place when I did not receive any of my food order and they failed to muster up a simple black coffee 🙁

  6. Glenys says:

    Hi Claire
    I think they were having teething problems but they are better organized now. My order came in very quickly so there’s a definite improvement.

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